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        2. 中文版
          About Us Position:Home- About Us
                      Our company is engaged in buying and selling all kinds of astronomical equipments, such as every kind of astronomical telescopes, binoculars, CCD cameras for,high schools as well as colleges and universities, some technological centers, nature reserves and we have a fixed number of customer groups in China.
                     At present, we are the agent of Zeiss,Meade, Televue, Takahashi,Vixen and we also handle SBIG CCD, BISQUE’s softwares. At past, the sale is becoming better and better. China is a big country. So you can imagine China’s situation---everydistrict have its completely different regulation. But, it just a chance to  us: Market is latent and tremendous.
                     If you have interests to our products and our market on handling your products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We all hope we can build a good cooperation and long relationship.Please cooperate with us by offering us some valuable suggestions that we  believe will be most helpful to us. The detailed data of our company are as
          Company name: SCIENCE DISCOVERY CO., LTD.
          Address:1# Rm702, No.429, Xin cun Road, Pu Tuo District, Shanghai, China
          POSTCODE: 200065
          TEL: 86-21-33010671
          FAX: 86-21-33010651
          E-mail: info@sdscience.com
          Http: www.mattytoys.com
          Clare gu
          International Trade Manager
          Science Discovery Co.,Ltd/Shanghai
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